Step one to a pet-friendlier yard is switching to the best artificial dogs for Austin . Step two? Have fun with it! With synthetic turf, you won’t have to worry about your dog destroying your yard anymore. On top of that, it will now take almost no effort to keep your lawn looking perfect.

As a result, you can actually focus on having fun with your pet instead of stressing out about lawn maintenance. Make your furry friend feel like the top dog with these upgrades to their dog run!

3 Ways to Create a Fun Backyard with Synthetic Turf

1. Add a doggie pool they can splash in.

It is crucial to keep fresh and accessible water around an active dog that likes to play all day long. Because of this, consider adding a water feature to your artificial turf installation near me.

For example, you can add a little stream or a splash fountain. It will encourage your dog to drink water and ensure that they stay hydrated after a day of playing. For dogs who like splashing in the water, consider installing a small pond or a splash pad. However, keep it shallow with a gentle slope that when your dog gets in, they can get out easily.

Not only will your dog love their brand-new pool, but it adds a Zen element to your space too. Water and (synthetic) grass complement each other perfectly and will create a calm, rustic ambiance to your yard.

2. Use stylish fences to increase privacy while keeping your dog safe.

Consider a fence together with synthetic turf installation to keep your canine friends protected. A fully-fenced backyard gives you the peace of mind that your curious dogs won’t wander outside of your property.

Synthetic grass in Austin goes well with white picket fences if you want to achieve a cottage-like design. A fence wire gives your home a rustic vibe, while sleek boards offer a contemporary look. Ensure that the fence is sturdy enough to keep your dog safe within the boundaries. Want to go all out? Consider creating a grassy hedge with artificial turf!

3. Give them the ultimate dog house.

Now that you have your dream backyard, why don’t you treat your pup to a snazzy dog house? For one, dogs can get a sunburnt, too. If it gets too hot, they can also get heat stroke (but they can always cool down in their puppy pool!).

In addition, dogs also need a safe nook where they can take naps, rest and enjoy their alone time. You can make it as simple as a raised patch of turf where they have their bowl and bedding or design a green dog house completely covered with artificial turf!

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