Did you know that grass needs 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight to survive? The lack of sun exposure is the top reason shade gardens have patchy lawns. But one way to prevent this eyesore is to upgrade your yard with artificial turf installation near me.

Besides its practical benefits, synthetic turf serves as a jumping-off point for unconventional landscaping ideas for shade gardens. Read on to discover what you can do with your yard.

1. Keep Fully Shaded Areas Open

Shade gardens often look heavy because of the multi-layered canopy and dense growth of shade-tolerant ground covers. They’re leafy because they compete for what little amount of sunlight passes through.

Professional gardeners recommend them because they cover up bald spots on the lawn. But with artificial grass, you can clear up the visual clutter and go minimal.

Your synthetic turf helps you pull off a clean, minimalist look that contrasts beautifully with the thick growth overhead. Instead of unmanageable ground covers, add tasteful landscaping features like hardscape and potted ornamentals.

2. Install Flowering Plants in Strategic Areas

If your yard receives dappled sunlight, take that as an opportunity to grow flowering plants. Some partial shade and shade-tolerant plants have colorful blooms that will add character to your Austin artificial grass garden. Here are a few types you can try:

• Rock Rose

This small perennial shrub produces rose-colored flowers with a yellow center. They bloom from spring to fall.

• Turk’s Cap

The bright red flowers produced by this hardy shrub look like drooping hibiscus, which inspired its name. They appear profusely from summer to fall.

• American Beautyberry

This ornamental shrub is known for its deep purple or sometimes milky white fruit clusters that cling to the branches. They grow abundantly from fall to winter.

When planting flowering shrubs, leave enough room for their roots to spread. You can also add edging to separate them from your synthetic turf.

3. Create Sitting Areas with Artificial Turf

Shady yards may have a reputation for being difficult to garden. But they far outpace other landscaping themes for the relaxing atmosphere they bring.

Shade is one design element embraced in tranquil gardens. It sets a subdued mood that invites introspection, making people want to stop and rest.

This makes sitting areas a perfect addition. Go rustic with teak benches or modern with rattan lounge chairs. Set them at intervals alongside your pathway so you won’t have to step on your synthetic grass in Austin to reach them.

4. Prune and Shape Canopy Trees

Shade trees typically grow vertically in forests because of limited space and the competition for sunlight. In contrast, their branches spread out laterally in urban gardens due to the availability of space.

These weak, overhanging limbs will break over time, so they need to be pruned. Maintaining their shape with regular trimming also helps prevent falling branches from tearing your artificial grass fibers.

Apart from what happens above, prepare for what happens below. If you’re still planning to install trees in your yard, choose those with noninvasive roots. Their small root system ensures your artificial grass and hardscape will remain intact throughout their life.

Declutter Your Shade Garden With Synthetic Turf!

A shady yard is fickle —let your plants be, and it’ll turn from serene to savage. Keep things under control by starting with artificial turf installation near me. Contact Austin Artificial Grass Pros at 408-317-0931 to discuss any garden ideas you have in mind!