Yes, abandon. As in, give that mower and trimmer away, along with any remaining fertilizer, pesticide and other lawn treatment chemicals you still have. Cap your sprinklers for good. 

You want a beautiful, lush lawn but who said you needed to struggle to achieve it? 

Synthetic grass in Austin can give you the same things, such as a soft cushion for bare feet, color variation to keep things interesting and the feel of real grass. 

But it gets even better because going synthetic means saying goodbye to:

1. That overwhelming lawn care routine 

…which will never stop as long as you have a natural lawn. It’s summer and you forgot to water your grass? Too bad, some parts of your yard have already turned brown. Grass is overgrown already after cutting it a couple of weeks ago? Get out the mower and weed whacker, then get ready for yet another round of trimming.

That’s a lot of energy, time and money spent on something that is only meant to serve as ground cover. 

In contrast, you won’t have to do anything for your artificial lawn. Exposure to rain, snow, sun, whatever mother nature throws at it and it’ll look as fresh and green as ever.

2. Insect infestation and turf damage 

Grass is just like anything else that grows out of the ground: susceptible to all sorts of insects, rodents, fungi and other problems. 

When this happens to natural grass, you have no choice but to apply insecticides or fungicides. The same thing goes for treating lawn fungus because it can actually destroy your grass.

Since you don’t have to worry about things like that with synthetic grass in Austin, you get a lawn free from the use of chemical treatments. It’ll be healthier for you and your family as well because you won’t be exposed to all those toxic chemicals that can harm your health.

3. Standing water during rain or irrigation can lead to fungus growth and flooding

It doesn’t matter what it is – rain, irrigation or even watering your lawn – there’s always a chance for water to accumulate on natural grass. Unfortunately, this leads to problems such as fungus development, mud and dead grass.

With artificial turf installation near me, you won’t have any drainage issues because the base is even and stable. The entire system itself is designed to facilitate drainage, from the porous rubber base with openings that allow for water to pass through, down to the drainage holes and subbase.

4. The wasteful amount of water needed to maintain natural turf over Synthetic Grass

Natural lawns are one of the worst offenders when it comes to wasting water. In fact, many states (including Texas) already restrict how much water can be used on lawns, especially during certain periods of the year.

With artificial grass, you can save thousands of gallons over time because it doesn’t need a drop of water to look great. Not only does this save a ton of water, but your wallet will also thank you for it.

Need more convincing? These seven warning signs are telling you to make the switch.

Let’s Get Started with Synthetic Grass!

For a green solution that will liven up any outdoor living space, think about investing in artificial turf installation in Austin TX. It’s extremely wear-resistant, low-maintenance and cost-effective. Plus, it looks absolutely stunning, too!

It doesn’t matter if you need a small patch of green for your backyard or an entire acreage for commercial purposes; we have what you’re looking for here at Austin Artificial Grass Pros. 

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