Artificial turf in Austin isn’t just the best way to achieve a head-turning lawn. It’s also a fantastic way to save money on lawn care. Once the initial investment is out of the way, you’ll find a sharp drop in how much you spend on maintaining your backyard.

The best part? You get to enjoy these savings as long as you have artificial turf in Austin!

Below are just some of the serious savings you can expect from synthetic grass:

1. Lower your water bill significantly

Did you know that grass can use up to 60% of a household’s water bill? No wonder maintaining your lawn is such a never-ending drain on your wallet. You can kiss those high water bills goodbye with artificial turf, because you never need to water it daily like real grass.

2. Save on fertilizer and chemical costs

Fertilizers and chemicals can be pricey, especially if you’re using them regularly to keep your grass healthy. Because artificial turf requires far less care, you’ll need to make fewer trips to the store for pricey fertilizers and chemicals.

In fact, these trips will dwindle to zero because synthetic grass in Austin requires no pesticides, herbicides, weed killers and other harsh chemicals at all.

3. Say goodbye to mowing and edging expenses

If you pay someone to mow and edge your grass, you can scratch that off your expense list. Artificial grass doesn’t need mowing, edging, trimming and similar care tasks – ever.

That means more money in your pocket and less resources wasted on upkeep. Associated costs disappear as well, such as paying for gas and repairs for your mower and other equipment.

4. Avoid expensive repairs

Grass can be a tricky thing – one day it’s thriving and the next it’s brown and patchy. If you’re dealing with a tough patch of grass, you might find yourself shelling out for a re-sod.

With synthetic grass in Austin, you’ll never need to worry about a damaged lawn again! What’s more, the UV protection and all-weather performance of artificial turf will keep your lawn looking good year-round.

5. Save money on pest control

Natural grass regularly attracts rodents, insects and other pests. These unwelcome guests can cause plenty of damage to your yard – not to mention the damage they can do to your wallet, from calling in pest control to paying for treatment chemicals if you’d rather DIY.

With artificial turf, you can wave goodbye to expensive pest control treatments. Pests simply won’t bother with Austin artificial grass because it doesn’t provide them with food or shelter.

In conclusion, synthetic turf products offer a great way to save money on many lawn care expenses. The advantages go beyond money, too. With synthetic grass products, you’re finally free to spend time and energy on things that matter most – your family and pets, your hobbies and yourself.

Still wasting money on a patchy, muddy and weed-choked lawn?

You and your family deserve an upgrade!

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In the meantime, browse our website to explore our services, get to know our wonderful team or learn more about artificial grass by reading our synthetic turf blog!

In the meantime, browse our website to explore our services, get to know our wonderful team or learn more about artificial grass by reading our synthetic turf blog!