Do you dread mowing your lawn every weekend? Do you find it hard to keep up with the weeds? Are there bare patches where the grass is never green? If so, then it’s time to consider replacing your existing landscaping with artificial turf installation near me.

Synthetic turf will save you time and money on maintenance while providing a better quality of life for yourself and your family. Keep reading for 7 signs that it may be time to replace your natural garden with artificial turf!

  • 1. Your lawn often looks sick.

    If your backyard perpetually looks unhealthy, it’s time to consider a synthetic lawn alternative. Check out these red flags:

    • Your natural turf is showing signs of wear and tear from excessive use like ruts, bald patches or large-scale browning spots that won’t go away despite more frequent watering or resodding.
    • Your yard smells bad because of mold or mildew.
    • You’ve got a serious weed problem even with the best weed control practices.

    In many cases, this is due to factors beyond your control. No amount of lawn care can permanently beat poor soil conditions, lawn diseases, pest infestation or a drought-prone climate.

    With synthetic grass in Austin, your lawn will always look lush and green for many years, regardless of your yard’s naturally-occurring issues.

  • 2. You’re getting sick of maintaining your lawn.

    If your natural lawn always needs work and you don’t have the patience or time for that kind of commitment, then it may be worth thinking about synthetic turf instead.

    Artificial grass will require less maintenance in general. You won’t need to:

    • Mow the lawn anymore
    • Water it every day
    • Chemically treat your grass
    • Pull up weeds as often (in some cases, ever)
    • Reseed and resod
    • Trim around the edges
    • Conduct or pay for seasonal maintenance

    Plus, artificial grass is also much more durable than real grass. This means you can enjoy your lawn for many more years with very little hassle and stress.

  • 3. You’ve been dealing with pests or want to avoid it altogether.

    Lawn pests are a huge concern for anyone with a natural lawn.

    Specifically, bugs love burrowing into the soil and hiding between grass blades. They usually become noticeable only after it has become a full-blown infestation.

    No matter how established their presence is, however, pests post significant hazards to humans and pets alike. Some examples are:

    • Mosquito bites aren’t just itchy and uncomfortable, but they also carry diseases like the West Nile virus
    • Fleas and ticks can quickly infest your lawn, dog and living spaces
    • Slugs, grubs and worms can be toxic when ingested by your pet
    • Ant bites can cause anaphylactic shock and they also carry diseases like Salmonella

    In contrast, synthetic grass does not come into contact with soil and doesn’t grow. As a result, bugs cannot hide between blades of turf like they do in natural lawns. There’s no food or water sources either, nor damp and moist spots for them to breed in.

  • 4. You’re considering having a pool put in.

    Artificial grass is much safer than real grass when it comes to areas like the pool. First, it doesn’t get as slippery as real grass when it gets wet.

    Second, it stays cleaner for longer since there’s no dirt, mud, grass clippings and lawn care chemicals that can contaminate the pool. These benefits also apply if you already have a pool!

  • 5. Your kids keep getting hurt while playing in the yard.

    There are many ways kids can get injured on a natural lawn. For instance, your kids could be playing on a wet lawn and slip, fall or get their feet stuck in holes.

    In addition, it’s common for very young children to put rocks or sticks in their mouths that have fallen on the ground. Add the risk of exposure to bacteria, bug bites, contact with toxic weeds and chemicals and it’s clear why so many parents are investing in artificial turf installation in Austin TX to keep their young ones safe in the yard.

  • 6. Going into your yard keeps triggering your grass allergies.

    Pollen is a major allergen. If you have allergies, your entire lawn can be a trigger, especially during spring. Not only are allergy symptoms uncomfortable, but they can be life-threatening for those with severe reactions.

    Artificial grass is hypoallergenic and will never produce grass pollen. This creates a safer and more welcoming outdoor space for anyone, both you and your guests, who struggle with grass allergies.

  • 7. You’re thinking about putting down a patio or other outdoor living spaces.

    It’s time to replace your natural lawn with synthetic grass when you’re looking for a way to create an oasis in your backyard that will stand the test of time and all sorts of weather conditions.

    Additionally, all the issues of natural grass like mud, dirt and bugs, can quickly ruin any outdoor space.

    Synthetic grass is a perfect solution to this problem. Not only can you create any kind of outdoor space that you desire, but it will also be pest and disease-free with no need for watering or mowing.

    You also get more awesome options when it comes to design, because you won’t have to consider the needs of your lawn when planning your new outdoor space.

    Finally, it’s easier to clean any spill or stain on a synthetic lawn. Simply rinse the spot and use the appropriate cleaner and it’s as good as new. Perfect if you love hosting backyard parties!

Synthetic Grass in Austin: The Best Decision for Your Home!

It’s time to get rid of that old, tired, natural lawn and replace it with synthetic grass. Artificial turf installation near me is a great solution for anyone who wants their yard looking fresh year-round without the work or hassle of keeping up with an organic lawn.

There are many reasons why you might be considering replacing your natural lawn – those seven are just a few!

If you have any questions about this process, our team at Austin Artificial Grass Pros would love to help answer them for you. Just send us a quick message or call us at 408-317-0931 today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!