Want to grow grass around your concrete driveway without increasing your yard upkeep chores? Invest in artificial turf installation near me. It works for various surfaces, including soil, concrete, wood and tiles. In addition, it doesn’t require much maintenance to stay on top condition. On top of these, it also brings benefits to your driveway that natural grass can’t match!

Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Driveways

Artificial grass doesn’t grow, which automatically removes several tasks from your chores. For instance, there’s no need to water, mow, trim and fertilize it. Likewise, it neither needs toxic chemicals, such as pesticides and weed killers nor seasonal lawn care to stay in top shape. Aside from simplifying your upkeep routine, synthetic turf also:

Beautifies your driveway

Nothing is more appealing than a touch of green on or around your driveway’s hardscapes. Synthetic turf’s vibrant color and soft texture is a beautiful contrast to the concrete’s dull gray and hard surface.

Cools down concrete

The temperature in locations with a hot climate, such as Texas, could sometimes reach up into the 100s.  A concrete surface absorbs heat fast and retains it long after the sun has gone down. Covering the seldom-used parts of your driveway with synthetic grass in Austin will help diminish its temperature and keep its surroundings cooler.

Solves drainage issues

When it rains or when you wash your vehicle in your drive, the water typically flows to the curbs or the surrounding soil area. In the latter’s case, water is seldom absorbed immediately, which can result in unsightly puddles or temporary flooding.

Artificial grass can solve this problem with its built-in drainage system. The turf’s drain holes efficiently direct the water to the subsoil to prevent flooding and excessive run-off.

Requires minimal maintenance

Artificial grass is easy to take care of compared to natural grass. Keep it green and lush by simply sweeping off debris from its surface, brushing its blades often to keep them upright and rinsing off waste.

4 Ways to Add Synthetic Grass to Driveways

While Austin artificial grass is tough enough to withstand heavy weights and high foot traffic, it is not designed to accommodate the constant friction of rubber tires. Hence, you cannot use it to cover your entire driveway. Consider these design ideas instead, when you integrate artificial grass into concrete or any other type of hardscapes:

1. Simulate a grid or checkerboard design. You can do this by combining artificial grass with concrete pavers. While tires will come in contact with synthetic grass, they won’t reach the base mat, which holds the grass blades in place, thanks to the pavers.

2. Fill the gaps between pavers or flagstones with artificial grass. The soft, green turf will not only offset the hardscapes beautifully but also add a touch of nature to the setup.

3. Integrate strips of artificial grass into the driveway. Place them on the areas that are seldom used and don’t come in contact with the wheels of your car.

4. Add turf along the perimeters of your driveway. This is the best way to add synthetic greens to your drive without covering its concrete areas.

Green Up Your Driveway with Artificial Grass

Artificial turf installation near me is perfect for areas where it would be hard to grow grass, such as driveways. Think balconies, rooftops, side yards and even up accent walls and around pools. Call Austin Artificial Grass today at 408-317-0931 and let’s bring your ideas to life!