If you are a long-time golfer, you’ve probably been thinking about investing in a backyard putting green already. Before you get to the fun stuff like bunkers and other hazards, you have an important choice to make: will you use real grass or artificial turf installation near me for putting greens?

While a natural lawn does have its advantages, turf also offers significant benefits not found in live grass. Come to an informed decision by considering the key differences between their efficiency, aesthetics and safety!

Real Vs. Synthetic Turf for Putting Greens

Natural lawn maintenance is not a cheap venture and it can cost thousands of dollars every month depending on how big your property is. On the other hand, artificial turf installation in Austin, TX is also a significant investment.

That is why you need to be smart on choosing which to use for your new putting green. Let us look at the three most important factors you will need to consider when it comes to choosing between artificial and natural putting greens:

Which one is more efficient?

When we talk of efficiency, we refer to the resources and the energy needed to install and maintain the lawn.

Planting seeds or laying sod for natural grass is way cheaper than installing artificial grass for your putting green. Unfortunately, once installed, natural grass would incur additional costs for maintenance and upkeep, especially for something as complex as a backyard golf course.

This includes water and a lot of it. It is estimated that an 800-square foot lawn will consume almost 150,000 gallons of water annually. Aside from the water needed to keep the grass green and alive, you’ll also need more of it to keep the turf clean, especially if your pets use your lawn as their bathroom.

In addition to water, natural putting greens need almost constant trimming and mowing to keep them playable. On the other hand, a synthetic putting green needs no water, does not grow out, needs no trimming and stays the same length year in and year out.

How about aesthetics?

Aesthetics is all about the visual effect of your putting green. Purists would say that nothing beats golfing on real grass. However, as technology continues to improve, modern putting turf is becoming more and more lifelike. They are now so realistic that you can barely tell the difference between real grass and synthetic grass in Austin. In fact, many golf courses around the world have already switched to synthetic turf!

Advancements in turf manufacturing have also made it possible for artificial putting greens to have subtle and lifelike visual cues. You can get it in different shades, pile heights and thickness to mimic the look of real grass.

Which is the safer option?

If the resources saved and the beauty of artificial grass still doesn’t win you over, you can say one thing about artificial grass putting greens: they don’t have pests!

Artificial Grass: The Perfect Choice for Backyard Putting Greens

Looking at all three, artificial turf naturally edges out real grass for backyard putting greens. See it for yourself — call Austin Artificial Grass Pros at 408-317-0931 today to learn more about what makes synthetic turf such an exceptional choice. You can also send us a message here for your convenience!