Excited about your new backyard putting green? Learning what happens during artificial turf installation near me can help you pick the perfect timing for the project.

For instance, you don’t want to schedule installation right before a big event or during a busy weekend for your family. Since you and your pets won’t be able to use your yard during the installation, you may want to plan ahead for pet care as well.

While the installers will take care of everything, familiarizing yourself with the process will reduce disruption to your routine.

What Will Happen During My Backyard Putting Green Installation?

The average backyard putting green takes a few days to complete. This can still change depending on the size of the green and how complex the design is.

The actual steps are pretty straightforward. While the specific sequence may vary, you can expect the following things to happen:

• Installers will prepare the work area.

In general, planning involves marking the site and the features of your new putting green. This step is especially important if you want to incorporate live trees and plants into your backyard green.

While Austin artificial grass can be installed right up to trunks and over roots without harming them, installers will have to leave enough space for a bed of soil, mulch or gravel around the plants. They’ll also have to plan it carefully so that these elements won’t affect playability.

• Installers will remove obstacles within the site.

Expect the installers to remove everything from the putting green installation surface. This includes existing plants and live grass. They usually have to dig down deep to completely extract roots and other plant matter, then make room for the synthetic grass layer on the topsoil.

Clearing brush and overhanging plants are also done during this step if necessary. These may have sharp branches that can rip the synthetic grass fibers or damage them when they break and fall.

During this step, installers may bring heavy-duty equipment used to cart away the soil and other debris.

• Installers will level the foundation.

An uneven foundation can prevent the green from achieving proper ball roll. Leveling is done to prevent this. At this stage, the rocks are removed and the surface is smoothed out using a landscaping rake.

• Installers will apply the base material.

The drainage system is prepared by adding a layer of gravel and sand. This serves as the drainage foundation for your new putting green. It will prevent flooding, puddles and other water-related issues that can get in the way of your game.

The base layer must be moistened and compacted using a roller or tamping equipment. The more compressed it is, the better it can hold the turf in place once it’s fastened down with seam spikes.

Make sure to keep away pets and children during this step to keep them safe and prevent any problem with the base material.

• Installers will apply weed control.

Although synthetic grass in Austin dramatically reduces the weed population in your yard, a few pesky plants may still take root in your putting green.

Growing weeds will push against the turf layer and damage it. The layer below the turf can still receive moisture and encourage the growth of weeds. This can be avoided by installing a fabric barrier and applying weed control chemicals.

Since weedicides can be toxic, remind the family to stay away from the lawn for the time being.

• Installers will roll out the putting green turf.

Once the foundation is ready, installers will put the rest of the features in place, then roll out the turf. Your putting green may look ready but wait for a few days before using it so that the turf system has time to get settled. Note that it may take a few weeks for your putting green surface to achieve optimum playability.

Let’s Get Started with Backyard Putting Green Installation!

The process of installing a backyard putting green may seem complicated, but when you’re working with an experienced team, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just focus on all the ways you’ll be enjoying your private golf course!

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