Toddlers are little hurricanes – they’re forever running around, trying to play with everything in sight and exploring the world. Parents want to encourage this, but they can’t help worrying once their little ones tumble out the door and into the backyard with artificial turf.

The truth is that many hidden dangers lurk in real grass, such as pests, allergens, tripping hazards and toxic weeds. Add curious toddlers who get into everything and it’s enough to make you want to keep them inside! Don’t give up just yet – with artificial turf installation near me, you can finally relax while your child plays in the yard.

Artificial Turf: The Safer Choice for Toddlers

Synthetic grass has become the go-to groundcover schools, public playgrounds and other spaces designed for children. It offers the same fantastic features to residential backyards:

Non-Slip Surface

Artificial grass doesn’t get slippery when wet, significantly diminishing the risk of slips and falls after rain. This is especially important for toddlers who are not stable on their feet yet. Let your kids experience the joys of playing outside after light drizzles without worries!

Next-Level Durability

Unlike its natural counterpart, synthetic turf can accommodate heavy playground equipment without getting damaged. It is also tough enough to endure high foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. Its artificial fibers may get bent from the constant pressure, but that’s an issue that’s easy to fix. Just comb against the grain using a plastic brush to push the matted turf upright.

Easy to Maintain

Taking care of Austin artificial grass is a breeze compared to natural grass care. It doesn’t need daily watering, expensive fertilizer and toxic lawn care chemicals to stay in top condition. Simply sweep off debris from its surface frequently, rinse it regularly and brush up its artificial fibers occasionally and it’ll look as beautiful as the day of its installation.

Pet Proof

This is a crucial factor if you plan to make your playground double as a pet run. Unlike natural turf, synthetic grass can endure the antics of the most determined dogs.

Digging can’t damage its surface, while pet urine can’t burn its artificial fibers. Because the turf is artificial and can’t be affected by chemicals, nothing’s stopping you from washing the areas that your canines used as a bathroom with a soap solution.

Awesome Artificial Turf Installation Ideas for Playgrounds

Another great thing about synthetic grass in Austin is its versatility. You can have it installed on soil and various hardscapes and it’ll look perfect even when fitted on sloping surfaces. Draw inspiration from these creative ideas:

  • Build berms to add variety to your play space landscape. Cover the berms (small artificial hills made by piling soil on top of flat grounds) with non-slip synthetic turf to boost their safety for kids.
  • Create tunnels out of huge pipes. Cover them with soil and artificial grass to transform them into a makeshift hill. Make the slopes gradual to prevent accidents.
  • Mix different kinds of artificial grass. This is a great way to add visual appeal to your play space set up without taking up space and disrupting foot traffic. Blend synthetic turfs with varying colors and pile heights with the help of expert installers.

Keep Playtimes Safe and Fun with Premium Artificial Turf

Invest in an expert-installed artificial turf installation near me to create a safe, comfortable and beautiful space for you and your children. Aside from laying down the synthetic grass, professional installers can also help you make the most of your backyard’s available space with smart and seamless landscaping.

Complete your outdoor play space with lush, lifelike artificial grass. Call Austin Artificial Grass Pros today at 408-317-0931 to get started!