Outdoor spaces offer a great location to gather with friends, play with your kids or pets, and enjoy nature. The only downside of a well-designed outdoor space is that most of these areas are designed for a single function. Fortunately, synthetic grass in Austin can help you expand your outdoor space and make it more functional for different activities.

Natural Grass Limits Outdoor Space

Natural grass can be beautiful, but it limits the things you can do in your yard to things that won’t damage it.

You can’t place furniture on top of a natural lawn without wearing out its turf and stunting grass growth. You also can’t walk on the grass without damaging it, which limits how much you can use your space.

Real grass also requires regular watering, mowing, aerating, reseeding and weeding. There’s also the occasional fertilization and pest control.

Keeping up with this kind of upkeep is time-consuming and expensive. Sometimes it’s just not worth it if you can’t even enjoy all of your outdoor space.

How Austin Artificial Grass Expands Outdoor Spaces

Your home’s outdoor space is a blank canvas. With artificial grass, you can make it look bigger, better and more beautiful.


Artificial grass comes in a variety of colors and sizes to achieve the aesthetic you want for your outdoor space. It can also serve different purposes with little to no adjustments.

For example, if you can’t decide between installing a putting green or a pet run for Fido, you can use artificial grass to create both spaces.

Synthetic golf turf doesn’t just offer the same ball roll quality found in professional courses. It’s also pet-friendly and pet-proof.

Superior Durability

The dense weave of artificial turf is designed to stay plush and springy over time. This means that you can place heavy items, like grills, lounge chairs and tables on top of your artificial grass without damaging it.

If you entertain frequently or have children who love to play outside, your artificial grass will probably see a lot of wear and tear. Don’t worry, though. It will take it all in stride without losing its shape, color or charm.

How to Expand Outdoor Spaces Using Synthetic Grass in Austin

Make your outdoor spaces look bigger and more functional with these smart design tips:

Landscape With Purpose-Specific Turf

Artificial grass is a useful landscape amenity that can be put to multiple uses.

If you are a homeowner and want to maximize your outdoor space, install a long-lasting putting green instead of an ordinary lawn. This will add aesthetic value and functionality to your home.

Likewise, if you have dogs, use pet turf for landscaping your outdoor space. Dogs love it and it comes with a special drainage system that makes it a breeze to clean up after your pooches.

Create Artificial Grass Pathways

The pathways that cut through your lawn are more than just a way to get from point A to point B. They’re a chance to show off your creativity. And if you play it smart, they can also extend your lawn beyond its lush edges.

To make your pathways distinct, install turf with a color or pile height that’s different from what you used on your lawn. This not only ramps up visual interest but also extends the visual and functional size of your lawn.

Extend Lawns to Poolside Areas

Want to enjoy your pool without having to worry about messy cleanup or safety issues? Extend your synthetic lawn right to the edge of your pool!

Dirt and dust from real grass would quickly dirty up your pool water, but turf is clean and can be hosed down easily. It also doesn’t get slippery when wet. So you don’t have to worry about people slipping as they step out of the pool and onto the ground or deck area.

You’ll also love how soft artificial grass is. It eliminates any concerns about kids getting scrapes or cuts when exiting the pool. You can even use it for a safe, soft landing for jumping into the water.

Maximize Your Outdoor Spaces With an Artificial Turf Installation in Austin, TX

Whether you’re going for these design ideas or you’ve come up with your own, AustinArtificialGrassPros.com can help you get it done in no time.

We have a wide array of premium artificial grass for landscaping and other purposes. Tell us how you want to extend your outdoor space and we’ll walk you through how we’ll make it happen. We can also help you come up with more ideas if needed.

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