A durable landscape is every homeowner’s dream. Imagine not having to worry about the effects of foot traffic, harsh weather and other issues on your lawn. Artificial turf installation near me gives you endless sustainable design choices while keeping your lawn sturdy and resistant to damage.

How Does Artificial Turf Make Sustainable Landscapes More Durable?

Here are the following benefits of artificial grass that make your landscape designs more hard-wearing. You’ll also find several creative turf landscaping ideas worth trying below:

1. Made of first-class materials 

Synthetic grass in Austin is made of materials that are built to last. It provides greater resilience against heavy rain, extreme heat and snow. It also mimics the feel and looks of seeded grass perfectly. The special double-stitching pattern ensures that it is adequately secured to your lawn and can last as long as 10 years or longer.

This means you can put on large-scale displays such as a stone statue without destroying your lawn. It can handle heavyweight and when it flattens, you can fluff it up using a bristle broom. Intricate rock displays and sandstone statues would make your lawn visually appealing.

2. Excellent drainage system 

All quality synthetic turf products feature an excellent drainage system that keeps the entire lawn dry and free of mud. When it rains, you can prevent puddles and hollows that may result in soil erosion later on. This makes artificial turf installation near me an excellent choice for a landscape that can withstand harsh weather and soil erosion in your area.

To make the most of it, you can try installing a water fountain or a pond on your lawn. Use the existing holes in your yard to dig a pond. If you have a dog or kids, they would love the idea of splashing into the water. The surrounds of the waterscape feature are always dry, thanks to the artificial turf, so don’t have to worry about their safety.

3. Withstands high amounts of foot traffic 

Austin artificial grass can withstand increased foot traffic, unlike seeded grass that turns brown and dead with heavy use. The stitching and increased volume of yarn or nylon keep the artificial grass undamaged from traffic. This makes it an ideal choice for golf enthusiasts as they can play all day long.

Consider creating a mini backyard golf course for your kids. This could be a fun game that will keep them entertained for hours. Add multiple holes, bunkers and obstacles. Artificial turf is flexible, allowing you to take the shape of your existing lawn. You can also choose the grass height that is most suitable for playing golf.

Artificial Grass: For Tough and Beautiful Landscapes

Artificial turf installation in Austin TX is a good investment for homeowners who want a durable landscape. There are almost no limitations to what you can achieve and modify in your yard. Add shaded structures, surround it with live plants and trees, install a water feature and more!

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