The primary reason people are switching to artificial turf is that it is significantly lower maintenance compare to natural grass. However, this does not mean that it is maintenance-free. There are still a few things you can do to properly maintain synthetic grass in Austin.

Keep Artificial Turf in Tip-top Shape

If you’re asking “how do I keep artificial turf installation near me in excellent condition?”, read on for a list of suggestions you can follow to ensure your turf looks good all the time.

• Cleaning small debris

Small debris like leaves and seeds from surrounding trees often land on the surface of synthetic grass in Austin. These things don’t break down and wash away easily. It is best to use a brush with stiff bristles, a flexible lawn rake or a leaf blower. Make sure to gather the small debris on one corner to make collection easier.

Cleaning large debris

Make it a habit to pick up larger debris like branches and twigs. Leaving larger objects on artificial turf installation in Austin, TX can damage the turf’s mesh fabric. It is quite easy to spot larger debris so pick them up as soon as you see them.

Cleaning up after pets

The most common problem for is cleaning pet urine and keeping the turf odor-free. Regularly hose down the areas used by pets to relieve themselves. Apply soapy water once in a while to get rid of bacteria that grows from accumulated pet urine. This reduces the chances of odor developing from the turf’s surface.

If your pet has long or thick fur and sheds often, it is necessary to regularly rake or brush the grass. Pet hair can get trapped between grass blades and block the turf’s drainage. Blocked drainage causes more problems so it is best to prevent it.

For households with multiple pets, it is advisable to clean artificial turf more frequently.

Cleaning liquid spillage

Using a damp cloth or paper towels is usually enough for most spills. Blot the spilled liquid directly and remember not to rub the grass. For more difficult to remove liquid stains, soak the cloth in soapy water and blot the stain.

Whatever gets spilled on the artificial turf, never use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Strong chemicals can discolor and irreversibly damage the turf.

Cleaning snow and ice

While not common in Austin, TX, remove as much snow as you can on the turf using a plastic snow shovel. When ice and snow melt, they leave behind salt that gets deposited on the turf. This keeps the turf from draining properly. As such, removing as much snow reduces the risk of salt deposits.

The good news is, frost cannot damage artificial turf. Artificial grass fibers are extremely strong and durable.  Your artificial grass will stay flexible and won’t snap in cold weather.

“Keeping Artificial Turf Installation Near Me is So Easy!”

Yes, artificial turf maintenance is much easier than maintaining a natural grass lawn. Clean the turf regularly and prevent problems and issues from building up to avoid damaging the lawn.

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