No matter the size of your backyard, it has the potential to be your family’s favorite outdoor hangout spot. With the best artificial grass for dogs in Austin, there’s no need to sacrifice aesthetics or style for a family-friendly lawn, either. Here are 5 fantastic ideas to design the backyard of your dreams for heaps of family fun!

Creative Ideas for a Family-Friendly Backyard

Few things are better than having a private paradise that the whole family can enjoy. Get inspired by these ideas:

1. Soften your patio surface with turf.

Create a seamless connection between the backyard and the house itself. It provides a soft surface for everyone to walk on, whether that’s your kids going barefoot indoors and out, the family pet running to fetch a ball outside or guests going from the grill to the fridge get a drink or two.

2. Create a secret hideaway.

Tucked away in a quiet corner of your lawn, you can use artificial turf installation in Austin, TX to create a secret cozy nook. It allows kids and grownups alike to slow down from life’s hustle and bustle.

Pick a corner of your lawn and add some outdoor benches and chairs, and surround it with big pots for coverage. For added flair, cover your outdoor furniture with turf to create the feeling of an enchanted garden. Don’t worry about your lawn— the weight of the furniture and heavy pots won’t damage it.

3. Install a splash pad.

For relatively little space and cost, a splash pad offers a cool backyard retreat for the family on a hot day. You can install it on your backyard, then surround it with turf. Artificial grass systems come with an outstanding drainage system that will drain all the water to keep your yard from flooding. It’s slip-resistant too, so your kids and their friends can run around and frolic with the risk of trips and falls!

4. Add a mini-golf green.

A perfect outdoor family activity, installing an artificial putting green in the backyardmeans unlimited fun. You can personalize it with everyone’s favorite colors and designs. Instead of a formal putting green, you can opt for a mini-golf course instead. Get ready for some friendly competition trying to sink the most holes!

5. Grow a vegetable garden.

A vegetable garden is not only a deliciously beneficial amenity, but it’s also a great opportunity for families to plant, tend and harvest together. The best artificial grass for dogs and Austin lawns can accommodate raised vegetables gardens and planters. This is also a practical option for squeezing a garden into a small lawn.You can also add your favorite plants and flowers in there to add more beauty and color!

Design the Family-Friendly Backyard of Your Dreams

On top of being versatile, turf is also non-toxic, shock-absorbent, long-lasting, durable and beautifully lush all year long. Wondering where you can find artificial turf installation near me? Call Austin Artificial Grass Pros at 408-317-0931. We’d love to share more ideas on how to make your lawn one of the best parts of your home!