You love your dogs, but those muddy paw prints on your floors or furniture ot so much. To keep your home clean, you could spend hours every week hosing down your lawn, cleaning muddy spots from your yard and scrubbing mud from your dog’s paws. Or you could find a simpler solution that will save you time, energy and frustration: the best artificial grass for dogs in Austin.

Why Are Yards and Lawns So Muddy?

As a pet owner, you know that mud can be a real problem for your home, especially if it’s raining or snowing outside. While you might think of your dogs as the ones to blame, the truth is that your yard itself is the root of the issue.

Here are several reasons why yards and lawns get muddy very fast:

Moisture in the Soil

Soil is composed of sand, silt, clay and various organic matter. Clay is made up of small particles that cling together and absorb water quickly. If your yard has a lot of clay in the soil, then it will likely become muddy more easily than other types of soil.

Uneven Terrain

If your yard is uneven, then there will be places where water can collect or stand. This standing water can create mud quickly because it’s not draining away from the roots into the soil as it should.

Too Much Shade

Shady areas in your yard may become muddy faster than sunny areas. This is because plants seldom grow in shady spots, so there are no root systems to hold the soil in place. Likewise, it won’t dry as fast as areas that get direct sunlight when it’s wet.

Loose Dirt

Dogs dig up grass and soil to make themselves a cool and comfortable spot. The loose dirt turns muddy quicker than compacted soil when it rains or gets wet from pet waste.

The great news is that these are not problems with the best artificial grass for dogs in Austin.

Mud Is a Hassle to Clean

Have you ever had to deal with your pet’s muddy paw prints on your floors, hallway carpet and furniture? If so, you know how difficult it can be.

First, you must clean the mud out of the carpet or from between the floorboards. Then, you have to clean up all of the furniture and floors that were also affected. Finally, after all of that cleaning, you have to deal with a disgruntled pet who has been locked away for hours while he waited for you to finish cleaning up his mess.

In short, cleaning up mud is stressful not only for you but also for your dogs.

Mud Is Dangerous for Dogs

Let’s be real: muddy paw prints aren’t just a bummer for you—they’re not great for Fido, either.

Mud is a breeding ground for bacteria. And if your dog is tracking in mud on a regular basis, they could be exposing themselves to bacteria that can cause illness. Exposure to contaminated dirt can result in various health conditions, such as diarrhea, vomiting and even seizures.

Moreover, mud can hurt your pet’s paws. It can become very hot in the sun and burn your dog’s paws. Mud also traps moisture, which can cause your dog’s paws to soften and crack, making them more susceptible to infection.

Why Artificial Turf in Austin Doesn’t Get Muddy

If you’re a pet owner who loves your dog but is tired of dealing with muddy paw prints tracked across your home, artificial grass might be the solution for you.


Dogs can dig through the grass in search of hidden critters or just to make a new pet bed for themselves. Once the dirt is loose, it’s going to get muddy when there’s rain or snowmelt. But if you have artificial grass, this will never be an issue because it’s so durable dogs can’t dig through it.

Doesn’t Get Soggy

That means that after a rainy day, you won’t come home to a pack of wet dogs and muddy paw prints everywhere. Artificial grass isn’t made out of absorbent material, so it doesn’t soak up water like natural grass does. This can also make it more pleasant for your pets to walk on in the summer.

Great Drainage

Artificial grass has drainage holes built into it. If it rains, the liquid will just seep through those holes and drain away into the earth below. So there’s no mud! Whether it’s a drizzle or a downpour, you don’t have to worry about muddy paw prints ever again. The same thing happens when your dogs pee on the turf.

Enjoy a Mud-Free Yard With an Artificial Turf Installation in Austin, TX

Why deal with the hassles of the mud your dogs and lawn are tracking into your home when you can install artificial grass? It’s mud-free and pet-friendly, so your dogs will surely love it! And if you want to make sure it’s fun for your pooches, check out these pup-approved ideas for inspiration.

If you want to learn more about artificial grass and how it can help you keep your home free of mud, reach out to us here at Austin Artificial Grass Pros. We can also help you install pet turf in your yard in no time. Contact us at 408-317-0931 or fill out our contact form to set up a consultation today.