The beauty of using Austin artificial grass for your putting green is how flexible it is. Only want a simple putting strip for your side yard? Done. Want a multi-hole green with lots of slopes plus bunkers and other features? Easy. For many golfers, synthetic grass also allows them to enjoy some of their favorite challenges at home, such as practicing their shots on a crowned green.

What Is a Crowned Green? 

A crowned green is a raised course design. Its highest point is at or close to its center, so its sides slope down from the middle. It is also called turtleback green, tortoise-shell green or domed green.

How Can a Crowned Putting Green Level Up Your Game?

Most of the tactics you’ve mastered on a flat green won’t work as well as on a crowned green. So you must rethink your strategies. Consider the effect of the slope on your shots carefully to reach the hole.      To succeed, you need to deliberately aim away from the flag.

In addition, you must learn to control the amount of force in your swings. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time reaching the hole on your artificial turf installation in Austin, TX.

Too much can lead to a miss, and too little can make your ball fail on the initial climb. This can be tricky, mainly if you played on a flat green for a long time. With a backyard crowned green, you can practice these techniques as often as you want.

Why Use Artificial Grass for Your Crowned Green?

Synthetic turf offers benefits to putting greens that the real thing can’t match. They include the following:

Durable Surface

Artificial grass can take high foot traffic and the impact of strokes and putts without breaking. You can also place heavy golf equipment on it without worries. Some of its areas may get matted over time, but that’s nothing a quick brushing can’t fix.

Excellent Drainage

Given its structure, a crowned green can pose a drainage problem in your yard. Synthetic grass in Austin nips this issue in the bud. It comes with an excellent drainage system that prevents puddles and flooding anywhere on your green.

Easy to Maintain

Natural grass is challenging to maintain, especially when it’s a part of a golf green. Unless you have time to constantly mow your green, you can quickly have an overgrown, unplayable mess on your hands.

On the contrary, artificial grass is a breeze to maintain. Just follow these easy cleaning tips, and you’ll be able to keep your green as beautiful as the day of its installation.

Sharpen Your Golf Skills With Artificial Putting Greens

If you don’t think the crowned green design is for you, don’t worry. You can achieve other layouts using Austin artificial grass, such as a volcano hole and punchbowl green.

Whatever design you decide on, Austin Artificial Grass Pros can make it happen. Our expert installers have years of experience landscaping and laying down synthetic turf for putting greens. Consider the job done when you have our capable team on the job. Call us now at 408-317-0931 for a FREE quote on your project!