Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Austin

Treat your pet and home to the best artificial grass for dogs in Austin! The highest quality artificial grass is the ideal solution to most pet-related backyard issues. Aside from being pet-friendly, it’s also an excellent way to create a picture-perfect landscape without all the hard work required by real grass.

Is your lawn safe enough for your pets?

Most pets love being outside, and they can spend the entire day playing in the backyard if you let them. But just how pet-friendly is your lawn? Real grass has numerous hidden hazards such as:

  • Pests like fleas and ticks
  • Grass burrs that can damage coat and burrow into skin
  • Toxic weeds and plants
  • Toxic mulch
  • Pollen from natural grass that can trigger allergies
  • Pesticides, weedicides and other harmful chemicals

On top of those dangers, it’s almost impossible to maintain a beautiful yard with a pet around. Dogs like to dig and rip out grass. Their urine creates dead and brown patches on the lawn. Not to mention all the mud and grass stains their paws track all over the house. Sounds familiar? Artificial turf installation in Austin, TX can eliminate these problems for dog owners for good!

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Top Benefits of the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Austin

Austin artificial grass for dogs offers advantages unmatched by real grass. Here’s an honest look at the pros and cons of artificial grass:

More Efficient Drainage

Tired of stepping on urine puddles? Synthetic turf completely prevents urine from pooling on the surface thanks to an optimal drainage system. Pee drains away from artificial grass for dogs just as quickly as your pet finishes going potty!

Better Odor Control

The best artificial grass for dogs in Austin can be installed with deodorizers and a special type of infill to prevent the build-up of unpleasant smells in your yards, especially in areas they use for the bathroom. This means you don’t have to worry about foul smells left behind by dog urine and solid waste.

Incredible Durability

Pet-friendly turf grass in Austin is designed to withstand the roughest canine antics. Your dog can run, dig and play as much as they want without damaging the surface of their play areas. Unlike low quality fake grass, your synthetic green lawn will stay beautiful and damage-free for years to come. 


Artificial turf is not hospitable for fleas, ticks and other pests that tend to infest natural lawns. Aside from protecting your dog against these infestations, synthetic grass also reduces the number of destructive critters like moles and gophers.


High-quality synthetic grass in ATX is made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. In addition, you never need to apply chemicals like pesticides, weedicides and herbicides to keep artificial turf healthy and alive. This decreases the risk of exposing your pets to harmful toxins.


Many dogs are allergic to grass pollen. Since artificial turf in Austin doesn’t produce pollen, it won’t trigger any grass allergies your dog may have.

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Achieve a Pet-Friendlier Lawn with Artificial Grass

For a happier, safer and more comfortable outdoor space for your pet, consider switching to the best artificial turf for dogs. Installing artificial grass makes life easier for pet owners while creating a beautiful, lush lawn for your family to enjoy. 

It comes with other benefits like lowering your water bill and making your lawn safer, too! Austin Artificial Grass Pros provides customized solutions based on the needs of you and your pet. Call us today at 408-317-0931 to talk about your project or learn more about synthetic turf for dogs, putting greens, and more!

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