Dogs love being out and about in the open air. If they can run, jump, roll around and play outside all day long, they’ll do it! That’s fine and dandy, but dogs also have a tendency to ruin backyards.

Pet owners deal with a ton of lawn issues due to their furry pals:

• Ripped-out grass and plants

• Holes all over the lawn

• Brown and dead grass due to dog urine

• Muddy tracks

• Worn-down paths

• Foul odors where dogs go potty

To solve all of these in one go, all you need to do is install the best artificial grass for dogs in Austin. That’s it!

How Synthetic Turf Stops Dogs from Ruining Your Lawn

There’s no question that dogs go crazy for Austin artificial grass— it feels and looks exactly like real grass!

But dogs are not the only ones falling in love with synthetic turf. For Austin’s pet owners, it presents a practical solution to their backyard problems:

1. Deters digging.

Canines love to dig holes in the ground when they feel hot, want to build a comfy resting place or just because it’s fun. This might destroy an ordinary yard, but not a synthetic one.

Artificial grass is made of unbreakable synthetic materials that can endure persistent digging. A tough backing mesh secures each blade in place, making sure it won’t get displaced or torn out. No paws will ever get through it!

2. Prevents dead grass and smelly urine spots.

Dog urine is notorious for killing grass due to its high nitrogen content. If your dog often uses your yard as their bathroom, it’s only a matter of time before you see brown or dead patches.

Fortunately, dog urine won’t affect synthetic grass.  It also drains pee much faster than real grass can thank its permeable backing.

The soil in natural lawns tends to trap urine, which is a major cause of unpleasant smells. In contrast, synthetic turf’s porous backing efficiently draws urine away from the surface to the sub-base.

Just rinse out the spot after they go potty to keep your lawn fresh and clean!

3. Resists premature wear and tear due to paw traffic.

The best artificial grass for dogs in Austin is made of durable materials like nylon and polyethylene. Therefore, even 24/7 paw traffic can’t wear it down.

Moreover, it’s also waterproof and non-slip. This makes it safe for your pets to play and run around even right after it rains.

Dogs and Synthetic Lawns: The Perfect Match!

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